Moms’ classes

About our baking classes

These classes are designed with beginners in mind. We’re going to prepare the dough together, you guys doing the measuring and mixing and everything. And I’m going to show you the tricks I picked up baking every week during the last ten million years. 🙂

After we’re done, we can have a cup of tea or coffee while waiting for the yummy things to bake.

The classes are

  • 90 minutes long,
  • usually hold on Tuesday mornings,
  • from 10.00-11.30 am,
  • $25, and include the recipes and your share of the pastry that has been made. 🙂

Can I bring my child to a Moms’ cooking class?

For babies, I would say yes. If you can wear your baby in a sling or other baby carrier then he or she is more than welcome to join the class. 🙂

For toddlers, it is a bit more difficult. They usually don’t like to stay put long enough for us to finish baking. But we have toys and stuff so if you think they will be fine, go ahead and bring them. Just please be aware that we don’t have babysitters right now.

Bread baking

Home made whole wheat bread.
In this class, we are making regular yeast wheat breads and buns. I will show you the tricks how to make the dough with just by hand, or a hand-hold mixer and also with the bread maker. Next class: April 3, Tuesday, 2018.


Sweet breads

chocolate bread ready for the oven
Chocolate bread, ready for the oven

Surprise your family with a delicious chocolate bread and a cinnamon-raisin bread. I’m not saying these are quick to make but for sure everybody loves them! Next class: April 10, Tuesday, 2018.


Apple and cherry pie

In this class I share with you my Mom’s legendary apple pie recipe. It is fairly simple to make but oh so yummy! Only if you promise not to tell anyone! Next class: April 24, Tuesday, 2018.


Gluten-free, dairy free baking

Gluten free berry muffin
Baking is a bit of a challenge if you have food sensitivities in the family. Let us share some tried-and-true recipes and help to feel that diet less constrained. We’re going to make a gluten-free bread and a very nice, juicy muffin that is a real treat.